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One-of-a-Kind Hand Crafted Knotwork

As we all know, it’s time to get away from using plastic water bottles that not only clog the landfills, but are unhealthy for you and your loved ones. Here’s a great solution – this shiny new BPA-free Stainless Steel 25 oz cold beverage drinking bottle that’s not only environmentally friendly, but practical and stylish as well!

I make these bottles very unique and eye-catching by tightly covering them with custom hand-tied knotwork fashioned from rugged 550 lb. test USA made paracord or parachute cord (same as that used by our military), which functions as a non-slip gripping surface for the bottle which will also keep your cold drink cold longer, since your warm hand will not be in direct contact with the metal.

The meticulous knotwork is done in the highly complex and time-consuming Turk’s Head style, in which, despite the intricacy, each color is comprised of just one single continuous length of cord woven over itself many, many times, and then carefully tightened to fit the bottle very snugly. I make it in either a single-color tight mesh style or a bi-color wider weave – the choice is up to you! Get one to complement your favorite survival bracelet!

Click on any image to see a larger view.

If you should happen to find yourself in a survival situation, you can remove the cord from the bottom, where the ends are looped through securely and tightly tucked underneath, unweave it, and have 50-75 feet of usable paracord. I hope you’ll never have to do this, and I won’t go into all of paracord’s many uses here, but you can easily find out all you ever wanted to know about it (and more) on the Internet!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Though the craftwork is done by yours truly in the USA, the bottles themselves are manufactured in China. But guess what? You can’t find any that aren’t these days!

The bottle has a wide mouth for easy insertion of ice cubes, and its cap has a ring and carabiner, so it can be easily attached to your belt, strap or backpack. I’ve added a wrist strap to the paracord knotwork, as well.

Get one now as a special gift for yourself or someone you love!

The price is $75 each, which includes shipping, to the USA only. E-mail me for color availability and Paypal payment details, or if you prefer to send a US Postal Money Order. Bottles in stock ship the next business day after receipt of payment; custom orders will require extra time for creating and if need be, ordering special paracord colors.

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