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Welcome!   Grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, kick up your feet, and get ready to browse around.  There’s a lot to see here, and we know you’ll find something you absolutely love! Thanks for stopping in!


GearGems.com is the showcase for our original printable graphic designs.   It is replete with image-laden, descriptive links which will take you directly to the product pages at our Print-on-Demand stores, from which you can… (more)

The Venerable Viola

Bratsche’s Viola Bazaar – it’s where GearGems.com all began!   In 2004, I saw a need, and filled it.   That need?   Violists had virtually no designs to call our own. Accustomed to being the butt of rude Viola Jokes was one thing… (more)

Other Musical Themes

After finally getting the Viola designs under control, we naturally wanted to branch out further!   Pictured here are some music designs on various products, available on shirts of all kinds and colors, as well as other… (more)

Notable Quotables

Sometimes a pithy quote, or even a somewhat more verbose musing, is just so pointed and/or or profound that it deserves a design of its own.   We have chosen some of our favorite famous quotations about music by… (more)

Famous Composers

Music geeks, now you can wear and display stylish gear commemorating your faves!   From Bach to Wagner, we currently have 15 composer portraits with more planned for the future.   Get them printed by Zazzle and… (more)

Ivory Picking Gear

Do you play mandolin?   Or guitar?   Or even other lesser known plucked instruments like the cittern, bouzouki, or mandola?   We have some designs and images specifically with you in mind! … (more)


Cat lovers all know what that means.   Or they should!   We currently have nine felines sharing our living space with us – and it is pure joy!   Well, okay, there is a fair amount of chaos mixed in, but that is all part of the fun for a true… (more)

Violin Bottles

Lovely violin-shaped glass bottles, otherwise known as “Viobots” to avid collectors, are wonderful accent pieces to a musician’s studio.   They also make interesting design objects, both as strict photographic subjects… (more)

For Rockhounds!

I confess – ever since I was little, I’ve been a rockhound!   I’d often be ignorant of the scenery around me – because my eyes were on the ground, enticed by that sparkly chunk of granite by the pathway…  fast forward several… (more)

Timely Signs

This department contains a little bit of everything – humor, attitude, hobbies, food, drink, worldview and philosophy – that often, but not always, reflects the designer’s (sometimes quirky) outlook on life.   Pictured here are… (more)

Ben Franklin’s Wisdom

We created these designs in 2006 to celebrate Benjamin Franklin’s Tercentenary or 300th birthday, but the pithy and often humorous quotations of this statesman, patriot and United States Founding Father remain… (more)


Got ugly old photos? Tell me about it! I’ve restored so many worn out photos to optimal digital condition in the normal course of my life and my design work that I’ve decided to offer my services to you, my customers, as well. (more)

Print-on-Demand Companies

Print-On-Demand Companies, a/k/a “PODs”, are the companies who do all the “drudgery” work that frees up designers to just, well… design!   While GearGems 100% creates the designs we sell to you, we do not print… (more)

We Make Custom Designs, too!

We will make you a custom design, whether for Print-on-Demand, as you’ve seen from the many examples on this site, or for you to take or e-mail to the screen printer of your choice (we can help with that, too!)   Here are… (more)

Send E-mail to GearGems!

Use this handy form to send us an e-mail with your, comments, critiques, suggestions and/or customization requests.   We will get back to you as soon as we can!   Thanks for writing to us!

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