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Print-On-Demand Companies, a/k/a “PODs”, are the companies who do all the “drudgery” work that frees up designers to just, well… design!

While GearGems 100% creates the designs we sell to you, we do not print them ourselves – that’s where POD companies enter the picture.   We deal only with fulfillment companies that have excellent quality printing and can get your order to you quickly, and who stand behind their work with an unconditional guarantee.

That said, each POD company has its own slightly different inventory of products on which to print, pricing structure and other differences.

GearGems at CafePress offers, in addition to its t-shirt and apparel array, mugs, clocks, bags, ceramic tile items, throw pillows, buttons, magnets, teddy bears, license plate frames, water bottles, and much more, with our exclusive designs.

GearGems at Zazzle also offers a wide selection of apparel and giftware from which to choose.   If you click on a shirt link on a Zazzle product, you are actually able to select other available shirt styles as well as colors. And, in many cases, you can personalize Zazzle products yourself.

Possibly the most attractive feature of GearGems at PrintFection is that in addition to an extensive variety of available apparel, there are t-shirts up to 4XL in size.   And the images are printed larger on them than on the other PODs’ apparel, too, so they won’t “get lost” on our plus-sized customers!

In spite of these minor differences, if you see a design that isn’t yet available on a certain item you’d like (even in a different POD store), don’t hesitate to e-mail us with your request, and we’ll be sure to make it available a.s.a.p. so that you can order it!   Thank you for shopping with GearGems!

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