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Articles referring to “Cats”

Cat lovers all know what that means.   Or they should!   We currently have six felines sharing our living space with us – and it is pure joy!   Well, okay, there is a fair amount of chaos mixed in, but that is all part of the fun for a true ailurophile!   Our cats, both past and present, have provided us with countless laughs, occasional tears, numerous photo ops and inspired ideas; and as such, have been prominently featured in our Ailurophilia! department.   More designs will undoubtedly be forthcoming in the future!   Here’s a sampling (click on any image to be taken to its own page):

Cassidy TinyKittens Fundraiser

Please check out the new fundraiser design of Cassidy, the “bipawd” miracle kitten! This is Geargems’ first fundraiser project, and it’s for a very worthwhile cause! Click the pic for more details!

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